IT Equipment & Services Division

IT Equipment & Services Division

New Era Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. is a technology partner with many renowned leading IT manufacturer company like Lenovo which is one of the largest computer manufacturers of the world. We are dealing in all range of workstations, computer systems, portable computers and laptops to meet the needs of our corporate partners.
We firmly believe in providing our customers with 'the right IT equipment for the job and budget’ and are happily working with their preferred manufacturers / suppliers as we are with one of our industry partners.
Being an IT Solution Provider company, our goal is to provide our clients with the most efficient and effective IT solutions which is possible within their budget.
We always find the right solution and are equally happy either functioning as project managers for your internal IT department or providing an experienced team to work under your own IT Director or project leader.

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Solutions

New Era Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. has specialized in the development of high-end solutions to the radiology facilities. Our Radiology Information System (RIS), Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) & WEB software, is tailored to the special needs and requirements ofradiology.
Our products are continuously and actively developed and equipped with the latest functions and features in close cooperation with our customers for over 10 years. In addition, we are constantly striving to automate work processes to increase efficiency and to optimize the system.
The most important thing for us is your satisfaction and, therefore, also the appropriate care and quality service. We offer a comprehensive service contract which not only includes the maintenance itself, but also a wealth of supererogation.

Data Centers

Data centres are no longer be a secondary component in a progressive industry. With advancements in technology, and government policy for digital governance, the data centre is now the lifeblood of every facility and must be expertly designed and constructed to meet high efficiency and performance demands. Data and network operating centres are not only linked to the traditional operational aspects of a business organization - personnel records and insurance information - they are now the critical link to the business side as well. With the knowledge and expertise that New Era Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. brings to its design/build process, executives can rest assured that their data centre project will be handled with the most knowledgeable and efficient approach. NET (Pvt.) Ltd. understands that your data centre is critical to every aspect of your organizational operations. That awareness is a key component of how we approach your project - whether you are constructing a new data centre or expanding your existing one.

From Site Selection to Commissioning

New Era Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. is a highly qualified and dedicated design-build firm known in the industry for its quality work and attention to detail. Our expertise includes site selection followed by designing, engineering, constructing, commissioning and maintaining mission - critical data centres for Corporations, hospitals, and medical facilities. In partnership with your facilities and IT departments, our hands-on experts will assess your organizational infrastructure requirements and develop a plan that meets your needs, budget and time frame.