Medical Furniture

Medical Furniture

New Era Technologies Private Limited is a leading Medical Furniture Manufacturing company in Pakistan and is the biggest Hospital Beds provider to Government sector. A vast experienced team is working on Healthcare Furniture and Steel Fabrication from product design to final Product.
To create smart, contemporary and user-friendly products we start with intuitive design and solid engineering. Then we use suitable material for our products and pass them through rigorous testing to gain more customer satisfaction.
New Era Technologies Private Limited. is Pakistan's leading manufacturing company of healthcare furniture. Based in Lahore, New Era is proud of its manufacturing facility which undertakes its design, manufacturing, assembly. We have the ability to design new innovative products, manufacture and supply them from start to finish allows us to provide bespoke solutions and outstanding levels of service.
Since the beginning, New Era Technologies Private Limited’s management has a progressive vision of complete research, development and flexibility in the products. Guiding NET Private Limited through years of technology, innovation and success, from where we look to the future. We provide customized products and solutions to our customers. Our expert’s long experience in the sector of healthcare world alongside our particular focus on patient needs.
At NET Private Limited we have always invested in research, new innovative designs of systems and implement new manufacturing technologies to improve both the processes and the products quality. This knowledge has lead us to manufacture the products that are both functional and attractive and that brings design to life. We manufacture products by keeping in mind the following important aspects:

Patient and Operator Safety

Both patients and operators are subjected to high risk of accident. Understanding this has driven us to create our products in such a way as to avoid any danger during use, thereby ensuring the highest levels of safety.


We have analysed the relationship between the environment and the people so as to create products with an ergonomic design with the aim of reducing psycho-physical stress on the operator and increasing the comfort of the patient in all circumstances..

Infection Control

We have reduced the risks of contamination from bacterial/ viral infections via stringent disinfection treatments of our products, thereby ensuring a higher level of protection over time and reaching the highest possible standards of hygiene and cleanliness.