Engineering Solutions

Customized Access Control

No two access points are identical. With customized access control solutions, you can create an integrated system tailored to the specific needs of each access point. We start with the right LowCam solution, then integrate other components as needed. These include proprietary products like our Grasp handheld in-vehicle identification, and sourced components like RFID systems, gates and bollards. The result is a powerful solution that minimizes threats, maximizes productivity and keeps a lid on costs.

Surveillance Solution

It’s not just what’s under the vehicle that’s important. Advanced Detection’s surveillance solutions enable you to view the vehicle’s interior, exterior and surroundings as well. Get a detailed look from the top, sides, rear and front. Surface-mounted and pole-mounted options adapt to your specific environment, giving you an extra layer of perimeter protection.

License Plate Recognition

Full-functioning license plate recognition (LPR) is critical to an integrated perimeter security strategy. More than providing a record of vehicles that enter and exit your facility, Advanced Detection’s advanced LPR solutions automatically compare approaching vehicles to databases of known threats and silently alert you to potential hazards. Our portfolio of LPR solutions includes drive-over and pole-mounted systems that can be deployed quickly as standalone solutions or integrated into your new or existing LowCam system.

Under Vehicle Inspection

LowCam Under-Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS)
Using innovative high- and low-angle video cameras, LowCam Under-Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS), (Fixed as well as Portable systems) generate a real-time side-to-side view and unique depth of field that expensive “scanning“ systems can’t duplicate. Security personnel can instantly view, zoom, change angles, pause, rewind, replay and compare footage, all from a safe standoff position and without slowing traffic.