Engineering Solutions

Telephone Paging Interface System

Telephone Paging Interface – Desktop Paging Facility Make public/staff announcements through your telephone system. This enables staff to make public address announcements from their own desk telephone by simply dialing into an allocated extension number.
The free-standing units act as an interface between the analogue telephone system and the public address system

Emergency Telephones

Assistance & Nurse Call Systems: These systems which enable members of the public, patients or residents to call for assistance from nurses, wardens or other responsible person.
A reliable, addressable call system which is easy to install and operate. It is the ideal solution for many applications including for any size hospital, care home, nursing home, residential home or any similar dwelling where it may be necessary for occupants to call for help. The system features six call levels, programmable text displays , call logging and provides clear visual and audible call warnings of every event

Fire Telephone System

Fire telephones are used by fire officers and those responsible for the evacuation of a building during an emergency. They provide essential communication for those in control. This is an addressable emergency voice communication system that allows disabled refuge, fire telephones, emergency/steward telephones and disabled toilet alarms to be connected to one master control panel.

Disabled refuge system

Disabled Refuge System The refuge remote unit provides clear, hands free, two-way communication between person(s) in a refuge area and building control (or fire officers) during an evacuation event.

Public address

Public address systems are used for public and staff announcements.
Mitre Public Address: The Mitre range is a well-proven group of public address products, with an excellent track record for reliability.
Eclipse – Public address and/or voice alarm system

Eclipse is a wall-mountable public address and/or voice evacuation system. It is a stand-alone unit, complete with battery backup, which is fully networkable.


Offering the following range of microphones.Emergency fire microphones.

◎ Voice alarm controller microphones.
◎ Intelligent public address microphones.
◎ Public address microphones which can be desk wall mounted
◎ Ambient noise sensor microphone.