Engineering Solutions


Application: PC, TV, fan, bulb and other home appliance and office equipment, AC-based applications of servers, storage equipment, rack mounted AC-based applications of servers ,routers and other equipment in central office of telecom, railway and electric power systems

Solar Inverter

Photovoltaic Inverter (PV Inverter) developed by Company is used to transform the DC Solar power to AC utility-compatible power in distributed power generation system, which features high efficiency and reliability.

Sealed Lead acid Battery

SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) Battery product lines consist of five series as FM/FML/FMH/GFM/Deep cycle with around 100 models. The capacity range extends from 1.2AH to 3000AH. The annual production ability is about 350 thousand KVAH.

Online UPS

Application in PC, Workstation, server, bank, industry equipment, IT equipment, communication system or networking equipment.
Cold Start (DC)

Movements & Controls

◎ Output bypass settable
◎ Charger extendible
◎ Full digital control (DSP)
◎ High power density.
◎ Versatile LCD display with setting function.
◎ Fan speed auto control when loads varies
◎ Load capacity display
◎ Self-testing when UPS startup
◎ Emergency shutdown control

Line Interactive UPS

New Era Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. is representing Shenzhen Kstar Science and Technology in Pakistan.

Off-line and line-interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and power strips ideal for PCs and sensitive electronic equipment.


PC, workstation, printer


◎ AVR Boost and Buck
◎ Cold Start Function
◎ Smart RS232/USB Interface for Power Management
◎ Built-in Self-diagnostic Function
◎ Modem/LAN Internet Protection
◎ FCompatible with Generator Set (for option)
◎ LCD or LED panel for option
◎ Fastest Charging Capacity
◎ Auto Charging at Off Mode
◎ Auto-restart Function