Engineering Solutions

Access Control

Access Control System ensures authenticated users access to specific resources based on company policies and the permission level assigned to the user or user group. Access often includes authentication, which proves the identity of the user or client machine attempting to log in. some of the access control systems are multi-doors Bio-metric access control systems, Finger print reader control system, Bio Sense III Finger print access controller, Single door Bio-metric reader controller etc. Access control involves a lot more than just granting access after successful identification. Owing to very close collaboration with system manufacturer, the NSC access control offers perfect solutions for almost all conceivable applications.

Fire Detection System

An automatic fire alarm system is designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. The fire detection technology is one of the most important areas in the field of safety engineering. We offer you the latest technology of detectors of modern technology. And modern technology means: unique features, future security, and outstanding quality on the market.

Intrusion Alarm System/ Intrusion Detection System

An intrusion detection system (IDS) is a device or software application that monitors network or system activities for malicious activities or policy violations and produces reports to a management station. Intrusion alarm system is very helpful to avoid unwanted guests.
The security of belongings and Good, the protection of buildings and objects in front of burglary, theft and vandalism is a basic human need and this system ensures the security of the above mentioned things.exit.