Engineering Solutions

Laser Night Vision Cameras

Intelligence Laser Night Vision Camera, which adopts active laser night vision technology, has good background contrast and clear image. Using high resolution low illumination color to black camera, it can detect people, vehicles and other objects in a distance of 1600m to achieve continuous monitoring in daytime and night and not influenced by environment. It adopts high strengthened aluminum alloy and stainless steel material. After special enforcement and airproof process, it has the functions of anti-vibration, anti-impact, anti dust and rain, also suitable for mounting outdoor and mobile surveillance, which is a necessary device for long distance night vision surveillance. Using special key board, it can control laser power, lens iris, and image clearly under strong light. Adopts long distance large area infrared laser zoom illuminating technology, can achieve both focus observation for small scope long distance and searching for short distance large scope.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

High resolution, un cooled Vox detector.
It can obtain clear details, and realize longer distance monitoring. Adopts Image Denoising tech, DDE tech, and output black hot/white hot /palette colors. Low power consumption, quick start, steady performance, clear and smooth images. Easy to operate and maintain. High aluminum alloy shell with nitrogen inside, can work under harsh environment 24/7. Power supply for whole device DC 12V.