Engineering Solutions

X-Ray Luggage Scanner

Single-energy and multiple X-ray security screening equipment, all the technical parameters of the national standard “micro-dose X-ray security screening equipment (GB15208-94)” under the technical conditions.
X -Ray source properties: 140kV, 0.5Ma ,
X -Ray source Cooling: Sealed oil-cooling cycle Equipment Grounding: Equipment to provide a good grounding terminal Operating temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ Relative Humidity: 20% ~ 95%
Penetration: 30mm thick steel plate
Spatial resolution: Æ0.13mm wire Maximum load force: 200Kg Conveyor speed: 0.2m / s Image Storage: real-time storage 10000 Other features: Power-on self-diagnosis, network interface, image dump function, printing function, baggage counts, image magnification revealed that work status display, the operator password sign-on capabilities, the system of work and X-ray emission timing function, the whole Chinese menu , date and time display, etc.

Walk Through Metal Detector

To detect the extremely small metals hidden inside the human body such as small blades, paper clips, electronic chip etc. This kind of metal detector is widely used in airport, railway station, subway station, workshop, big exhibition etc.

Alarm mode: The LED indicates the position of the metal hidden under clothes by sound and light

Detecting zone: 6 detecting zones overlap each other to detect the position exactly Adjustable sensitivity: available to detect a coin

Better anti-interference: digital, analog and balance technology, low rate of wrong alarms
Password protection: only authorized person can be allowed to operate, high safety level Panel operation: to set up parameters by panel operation

Count function: to display the number of people pass and alerts

Safety design: safe for cardiac pacemaker, pregnant woman, magnetic disk and tape In this category.

Handheld Metal Detector

Handheld metal detector has the working frequency of 95 KHZ. It has the detecting accuracy of 30-60mm, Sound and alarm light, low power High stability, solid structure short alarm indication.

X-ray baggage Scanner

Security inspection for carry-on baggage or parcels etc. It is an ideal security inspection system to inspect small size baggage in railway stations, bus stands, government institutions, mall centers, multiplex theaters, hotels etc. X-ray baggage scanner has monitor with 17″ color screen. It has resolution of 40AWG (0.08mm of wire)>44SWG. The X-ray baggage scanner has conveyor speed 0.2m/s and a conveyor of 300mm.

X-ray inspection system

Company has various X-ray inspection systems.
Basic X-ray Inspection System TXR-2480 Series has the following main features. Up to eight grade image processing technology to achieve the best product adaptability and stability

Shielding function 15-inch touch screen display, easy to operate Auto-setting function Automatically save the product images, which is convenient for user’s analysis and

X-ray leakage meets FDA and CE standards Perfect safe operation monitoring to prevent the leakage from mis-operation Simple to disassemble, easy to clean and reliable security

Equipped with industrial air condition Completely sealed structure to avoid dust Environmental humidity can reach 90% Environmental temperature can reach -10℃~40℃.

Check weigher

Widely used in the weight check of food, pharmacy and commodity etc. Automatic back to zero function to ensure the detection accuracy
Password protection function to ensure that non-authorized personnel cannot change the data
Stainless steel structure, waterproof grade IP65 (IP66 can be customized)
Quick installation and disassembling structure design, easy to clean and maintain
Pre-setting function of 20 kinds products, one machine, multi-product checking
10″color touch screen operation system, simple, intuitive and easy to operate
USB port.

Metal Detector

Automatic product identification technology. Easy to be integrated in existing sealed pipe system. Compact design, small occupied pipe length. Teflon food grade inner tube, high temperature and pressure resistance. Fast and accurate rejection valve, not only suitable for the high speed fluid, but also for slow viscous products, less material loss In this category different metal detectors are used for food safety which are as 1) Conveyor belt metal detector 2) Gravity fall metal detector 3) Metal detector for sauce 4) Metal detector for medicine 5) Metal detector for biscuits.