Engineering Solutions


Overhead Door Corporation provides fire doors with UL or FM labels, and are listed for both masonry and non-masonry applications. Fire door collection offers fire protection, innovative design, and optimized performance for the end user.

The Fire Sentinel time-delay release device provides an added measure of safety to control the doors’ closure.

Wide range of sizes and styles meet or exceed industry fire safety testing standards including Underwriters Laboratories (UL & ULC), Factory Mutual (FM), New York City, and the State of California (CSFM) requirements.

Doors are compliant with all NFPA-80 standards.

Constructed of galvanized or stainless steel in a variety of gauges, slat designs, and finishes for unsurpassed strength, durability, and style.

Revolving Door System

Automatics revolving doors systems:

Offer dramatic architectural appeal, energy efficiency and the ability to move vast amounts of pedestrian traffic. The product offering comes on a wide selection of finishes, diameters, door wing configurations, glazing options, sensors and security features.


Push-N-Go activation
Soft Touch safety feature reverses a closing door

Obstruction sensing reduces opening speed with obstructed

Single, pair or double egress door operation
Choice of in-swing, out-swing, left or right handed operation

Available as surface applied or overhead concealed package (complete with door and frame)
Headers with bottom or side access


Hospitals and medical facilities have specialized access needs that drive the toughest building codes. Larger openings for moving beds and equipment are also now possible with the smoke-rated telescoping door system. Some of the design features include mini-bline, opaque glass for privacy and light control and hygiene.
Intensive care system also include:
◎ Standard Sliding/Tele ICU
◎ Smoke-Rated Sliding/Tele ICU
◎ Smoke-Rated Swing ICU
◎ Bi-Fold/Bi-Swing ICU
◎ Negative Pressure Systems
◎Company offers its 4000 series and 7000 series swing operators to provide a full range of swinging and folding access solutions.
◎ Flexible WLAN groups
◎ Adjustable opening and closing speeds
◎ Adjustable time delay closing (2-30 seconds)

Sliding Door System

Automatic sliding door systems are used in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. The breadth of this product offering from Horton Automatics is unparalleled in the industry. The choices available to meet your specific needs include:

◎ 7- to 16-foot unit widths
◎ 2- , 3-, or 4-panel designs
◎ Single, bi-parting, or telescoping
◎ SAnodized aluminum, stainless clad or painted finishes
◎ Narrow, Medium, and Wide stile configurations
◎ FChoice of all-glass Elegant design